Educational Consultancy

  • Admissions and student visa processing
  • School fees payment and negotiation
  • Advice on university choice
  • Student accommodation
  • Life in the UK


Educational Consultancy

RS Global Visas is a trusted and reliable educational consultancy with our head office in the granite City of Aberdeen. The RS Global Visas team are professionals who are always ready to provide you the support you need at all times.

We provide educational consultancy service to a wide variety of clients. We partner with top colleges and University in the United Kingdom and Canada to meet your educational requirement which we understand can be from GCSE to PHD level. Speak to a member of our team for quality advice on studying in the UK and Canada.

We provide value for money services. Unlike our competitors we support you throughout your education. From the initial enquiry on your College or University choice up until you graduate from the college or University we will always be there to support you.